Harvest Intelligence and be AI-ready
Artificial Intelligence
Incorporating Robotic Capabilities
Machine Learning

AI is the next frontier that has proven itself in giving machines the capability to think, react and perform tasks like humans. New age machines with enhanced AI capabilities are well equipped to explore solutions to modern day business challenges with extremely high precision and at quantum speed. Present day AI comes with such capabilities that it encompasses everything from virtual predictive and diagnostic solutions to real-time consumer interactions. Business around the world are adopting AI technologies to increase their operational efficiency, improve customer experience, reduce business operating costs and maximise revenue and growth.

Predictive Analytics.

We help you get crucial insights that is imperative to forecast developments, proactive response to challenges, and harness future trends. We help businesses analyze their entire customer life cycle, understand critical insights and prepare better marketing strategies and offer better customer service.

Machine Learning.

Helping you define critical path towards a successful AI adoption into your business with the right set of technologies, cloud vs on-premise, hardware and software planning, architecture and scalability planning and deployment of AI applications.

Virtual Agents.

We help you reduce customer service experience costs by providing smart ai enabled chat assistants who can answer simple to complex queries, connect to line of business systems and bring relevant information to the customers and address their needs.

Amazon AWS

AWS Comprehend, AWS Sage Maker, AWS Rekognition, AWS Machine Learning, AWS Mechanical Turks, AWS Polly, AWS Alexa

IBM Watson

Watson Machine Learning, Watson Visual Recognition


CUDA Deep Learning

We are forefront of delivering leading-edge AI technology services to its customers with full-blown practice establishments on machine learning solutions.
Interdisciplinary subfield of computational linguistics enabling the recognition and translation of spoken language into text by computers.
Classic machine learning automated process of understanding unstructured text data and making it easier to manage.
Understand sentiments and emotions with contextual relevance from various streaming and statical data in your business.
Open Source AI technology competencies

Valiant Offering

- Multi-domain AI Enablement Competency - University Backed Researchers - Access to Large pool of patented algorithms - Large Deep Learning Partner Ecosystem - 360 degree implementation process
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