System Design & Scalability


Architecture Design

Whether you are in need of a mobile app, desktop app, cloud based CRM or ERP for a multi- geo- location intranet, we help you design the right blueprint  for your software’s foundation that meets the need of costs, data volume, speed and integrity.


Stack Planning

Whether you are a startup looking to streamline chaotic business process and track exponential growth or a large Fortune 100 conglomerate looking to streamline customer service operations we help you choose the right technologies for the right task.



We go with scale first development approach where each aspect of your system is planned and executed keeping parallel computing in mind where the same set of tasks can be divided across multiple connected computers over a network.

Technology Stack

Cloud Services Decision Framework

Helping you choose between AWS Cloud, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud for your technology needs.

Business Services Decision Framework

Helping you choose between Salesforce, Oracle ERP, SAP ERP and other enterprise systems.

Web Application Decision Framework

Helping you choose between PHP, Ruby, NodeJS, Go, Java, .NET for all your web applications and API Gateway needs

Storage Decision Framework

Helping you choose between SQL RDMS vs NO SQL databases like MongoDB, CloudDB etc.

Multi-technologies System Design Competency
Battle tested System Architecture
Development Mantra - Scaling First
Multi-domain scalability competency
Valiantar - Pioneer of modern day Systems Design
History of successful planning and deployment of scalable systems on the cloud designed to handle millions of concurrent users

The success of every technology enablements depends on its longevity of running with least consumption of computing resources and costs. This is easier said than done and its considered as the black art of system design where the ability to plan and design the architecture of the software and its corresponding physical deployment systems is planned meticulously and executed with precision with the vision that it can adapt, scale and address data intensive needs of the business over the years to come. Building scalable systems is a body of knowledge that is slowly built up over time from hard won experience and many failed battles.

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