It is a new utility network for moving value, for moving assets.

A time-stamped series of immutable ledgers for recording transactions and tracking assets; changing the way your ecosystem ensures trust. Valiant emerges with fresh thinking for the adoption, integration, and idealization of blockchain networks.

Enterprise blockchain service providers
01.Blockchain Embark

Identifying trends and recommending comprehensive strategies.We deign thinking-led assessment for use case identification.

02.Blockchain Services

Springing from technical to development services, we provide testing, integration as well as Consulting advises for business value.

03.Blockchain Solutions

We cater value-driven industry specific solutions and integrate them with preeminent software applications leading to tangible developments.

04.Blockchain Platform

We deliver scalable and asset agnostic platform with strong integration capabilities enabling inter-operability across the blockchain network


Spread Blockchain Awareness and Empower its Understanding


Create a strategy and forecast blockchain impact


Creating POCs and with a Hypothesis Driven Approach


Deploy solutions in a production-ready environment


Distributed Ledger Technology

Immutable Records

Smart Contracts

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