Branding Design  +   Mobile Development  +   Website Development  +  Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning 

We are proud to work and be associated with Medanta The Medicity, for their end to end design and development of the Website, Mobility solutions which consume both artificial intelligence and entire branding from SMO to video customization. We have designed and developed automation apps which have helped them reduce the manpower consumption and help the patient to be more aware of their disease and what needs to be done right from test to scheduling an appointment in an automated fashion. We have leveraged Data science along with some complex algorithm to build a wonderful app ecosystem which if far ahead of its class as compared to any other app available today.

  • Medanta Medicity
  • Adventure / Health Care
  • Mobile Apps, Video, Website, AI & ML
  • January 16th, 2018

We do it ALL when it comes to BRANDING

We have done the end to end solutioning for our Clients Liver transplant section of Medanta is one of them where we have not only build the state of the art website, mobile application which are based out of Machine learning but also their marketing, branding, stationery, and all video editings and designs. We have a holistic approach where we provide all the development and design efforts under one hood. please find the illustrative videos and sample images of the apps designed along with the website reference. We are always focused on under expectation and over delivery with all-our clients. We excel in medical research projects along with the best infra for making outstanding app layers along with web layers.
The amazing mobile application which is cross-platform and available on both the platforms - Apple app store and Google play is one of the unique automated mechanism to self diagnose the level of disease and suggest corrective actions for getting the tests done.
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