Product Development Strategies
We change ideas to hardware development with latest design formats which are state of the art.

With a season experience of over a decade in hardware design & development with over base in China – The worlds manufacturer we provide the best schematics right from scratch to the best and customized design PCB for specific jobs which helps you grow your business.

Device Design & BOM



We really do good at both electronics circuit design and 3D modeling for injection molding, with our captive design houses.



The first step of designing the electronics is to select the various microchips (i.e. integrated circuits), sensors, displays, connectors, and other electronic devices



The next step is to create a diagram of the electronics design, called a schematic diagram, that is similar to a blueprint for a house.

We hand hold the entire life cycle of Device Development
Build perfect devices, Robust in Design & Performance within your Budget
Printed Board Design

We actually provide printed circuit board design for all the designs we make with our experts who make the best schematics before landing to deal with real hardware.

BOM - Bill of Materials

The BOM gets generated now it usually automatically created by the schematic design software. It  enlists the part number, quantity, and all component specifications.

PCB Prototypes

This is a two fold process where we the first step is to produces the bare printed circuit boards followed by the electronic components soldered onto the board.

Reiteration & Bug Fixing

Time for evaluation of electronics and board and how good the work together. The prototype undergoes several iterations before you finalize the design.


The brain of the device Microcontroller Unit (MCU) gets programmed now for the desired functionality and outstanding performance. We do it all.


Then the types of certification process starts for which coutry and area specific location we would like to launch the hardware proudct.

Design. Innovate. Manufacture
We help individual projects and companies attain all certification to be launched.


Federal Communications CommissionFCC

FCC certification is necessary for all electronic products sold in the United States. All electronic products emit some amount of electromagnetic radiation (i.e. radio waves) so the FCC wants to make sure that products don’t interfere with wireless communication.


Canadian Standards AssociationCSA

UL or CSA certification is necessary for all electrical products sold in the United States or Canada that plug into an AC outlet. Battery-only products that don’t plug into an AC outlet do not require UL/CSA certification.


Conformité EuropéeneCE

CE certification is needed for the majority of electronic products sold in the European Union (EU). It is similar to the FCC and UL certifications required in the United States.


Restriction of Hazardous SubstancesRoHS

The Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive is a set of criteria formulated by the European Union (EU) to regulate the use of toxic materials in electrical and electronic devices, systems, and toys.

Valiant Cybernetics provides End to End solutions for Device Development.


Device Development

We are here to give you innovative solutions for your device’s thought process with high-end insights on what more can be done within the same device type.


Device Shipment

We have the capability of delivering the made devices along with the certification to any corner of the world, inclusive of all the freight.

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