New Relic

New Relic is where dev, ops, security, and business teams solve software–performance problems with data.

Imagine you have to build a web app which could be a social media website, an e-commerce site or an online game, etc. You usually host it in the cloud or in your own data center. In the beginning, you see that it is working perfectly, usually due to the low traffic.

New Relic is a web application performance service designed to work in real-time with your live web app. New Relic Infrastructure provides flexible, dynamic server monitoring. Infrastructure empowers modern operation teams to make intelligent decisions about complex systems, from a physical data center to thousands of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) or Microsoft Azure instances. You can see the essential performance data of your app in New Relic, like browser response time by geography and browser type, web transactions in real-time, etc.


Datadog was founded in 2010 by Olivier Pomel and Alexis, who met while working at Wireless Generation. After Wireless Generation was acquired by NewsCorp, the two set out to create a product that could reduce the friction they experienced between developer and systems administration teams.

Building applications has never been easy as it is today. Adopting cloud and the models like serverless have reduced the friction with developing and deploying applications to a great extent. Architectural styles like microservices have been widely embraced by most organizations, and as a result of all these movements, the way we design or architect an application also has evolved from one or two components to several components that run on top of different environments like dockers or Lambda like Function as a Service platform.

Sumo Logic

The Only Cloud-Native, Real-Time, and Unified Logs and Metrics Analytics Platform. Read And Analyze All Your Logs. Get Started in Minutes. Try Sumo Logic For Free! Unified Logs & Metrics. Automated Event Mgmt. Forbes Cloud 100 Company.

Sumo Logic’s architecture features an elastic petabyte-scale platform that collects, manages, and analyzes enterprise log data, reducing millions of log lines into operational and security insights in real-time. Their cloud-based approach overcomes the inherent problems of premises-based solutions, including limits on scalability, inefficient or haphazard analysis, and uncontrolled costs.

Sumo Logic is built around a globally distributed data retention architecture that keeps all log data available for instant analysis, eliminating the need for an enterprise to manage the cost and complexity of data archiving, backups and restoration.

Pager Duty

 Its SaaS-based platform, PagerDuty empowers developers, DevOps, IT operations, and business leaders to prevent and resolve business-impacting incidents for exceptional customer experience.

 PagerDuty pioneered an independent, highly reliable, cloud-based alerting service that works with almost all existing IT monitoring tools. By selecting Twilio as its primary communications provider, PagerDuty easily scaled to hundreds of thousands of SMS and voice alerts a month.

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